Worlds collide in That’s How We Roll, as the fading American dream of home ownership meets the changing American stereotype of “trailer-trash” mobile home parks. Set against the backdrop of the nation’s growing affordable housing crisis, and the widening gap between rich and poor, the film explores the last frontier in housing through the lives of those who need it most -- and through the eyes of investors who are snapping up parks as cash cows, making sky-high returns on their investments.

That’s How We Roll
is a character-rich, feature-length documentary about the uniquely American phenomenon of mobile home parks, and the nation’s growing affordable housing crisis. This issue-based film unfolds through the colorful stories of mobile home park residents across the US -- retiring baby boomers who can’t afford to keep their homes; the poor who have no hope of living anywhere else; hipsters who are making lifestyle choices influenced by the tiny home movement and the realization that home ownership may never be within their reach. It also unfolds through the offbeat stories of a new generation of real estate “magnates,” drawn to 20 percent returns on their investments. They come from all walks of life -- business school graduates, small investors, would-be ntrepreneurial types buying out more and more of the estimated 50,000 “mom and pop” trailer parks across the US. Looming over it all is the specter of the ultra-rich investors who are moving into the business -- Warren Buffett, Sam Zell, the Carlyle Group -- and who are raising urgent questions about the future of affordable housing itself.

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Directed by Sara Terry

Produced by Alysa Nahmias, Sara Terry
Cinematography by Sara Terry

In Production

A Tarmac Road Production in association with Ajna Films

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