"We artists are indestructible; even in a prison, or in a concentration camp, I would be almighty in my own world of art, even if I had to paint my pictures with my wet tongue on the dusty floor of my cell." —Pablo Picasso

While serving a six-year prison sentence for a drug offense, artist Jesse Krimes secretly creates monumental works of art that are smuggled out, piece-by-piece—only seeing them in totality upon his release.

Krimes’ art serves as a lens into the dehumanizing experience of the justice system, including a year of pre-trial solitary confinement, and his journey through maximum and medium-security prisons lays bare themes of pervasive institutional violence, dehumanization, transgression, identity, and enduring human resilience.

The story unfolds through verité scenes, interviews, and animations (made in collaboration with Jesse Krimes and award-winning animator Molly Schwartz) within which viewers witness the evolution of Jesse's frame of mind during and after his imprisonment.

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Directed by Alysa Nahmias

Produced by Amanda Spain, Benjamin Murray,
    Alysa Nahmias
Executive Producer Jenifer Westphal
Edited by Kristen Nutile
Animation/Graphics by Molly Schwartz

In Production

An Ajna Films production

Supported by: Wavelength Productions, The New York State Council on the Arts

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